ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A strong school district plays a key role in the success of a city.

A local business launched a fundraiser Wednesday to directly help one of Allentown's schools, because in the end it's good for business.

If you want a free appetizer from Union and Finch in Allentown, just bring an unopened box of tissues and a hand sanitizer. It's all a part of the "helping hands fundraiser" the restaurant organized directly with Ramos Elementary.

"Unfortunately a lot of these teachers have to buy their own school supplies for the classroom," said Ed Hanna, the co-owner of the restaurant.

Laura Zaharakis, the councilor at Ramos, says this not only will this help students right now, but it will make them better adults. 

"I think it's really important for our kids to see the community giving back to them so, in turn, they can grow to uphold those values and learn to give back to their community," Zaharakis said.

Building a stronger community also helps the businesses that rely on that community.

"I think it's a win-win for both sides," Hanna said.

"You're community. The place where you're gonna live and work and thrive as an individual, or a family, is only as good as your investment in the children. Cause they're our future," Zaharakis said.

Both Ed and Laura hope they inspire other businesses to invest in the future as well. 

The fundraiser will go until November 6.