ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Come 8 a.m. January 4, restaurants can open their doors again after a three-week shutdown. Governor Wolf gave the green light after putting the restrictions into place because of a surge in COVID-19 cases before the holidays.

While some stayed open anyway, others decided closing was for the best but sure are happy to reopen.

"We're absolutely excited to open the doors again," said Matt Feehan from Jay's Local.

Jay's Local is a community-focused eatery in the heart of Muhlenberg's campus. It's that sense of community that's carried them through the pandemic, despite the whole social distancing thing.

"A sense of community is definitely something that a lot of businesses in this area like to build and that's also one of the challenges that we have," said Feehan.

But when news broke that new restrictions were going into place, if only for a short time, Jay's had just started to spruce things up.

"We had a lot planned to give them more options and more of an experience that we kind of had to put on hold. Going back to that, we will be able to continue to move along in a positive and productive path," said Feehan.

They plan on picking up where they left off, and take the lessons they learned through it all, with them in this next chapter.

"Every day is a new challenge but we're excited to face it and help our customers stay safe and help our business stay safe," said Feehan.

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