Little Leonard Starcher has a lot to smile about.

Lenny, as the family calls him, was born at just 25 weeks and weighed just over a pound. He spent 134 days in St. Luke's neonatal unit.

It's been an emotional journey for his parents Iris and Justin.

"I just couldn't believe it. I never had even heard of a baby being born that small. I didn't know what to think I didn't know if he really did stand a chance or if you know they were just kind of trying to help me deal with it and stuff," Iris Starcher said.

Justin was what they call a micro preemie.

"A micro preemie is a baby that's less than 28 weeks and less than 1500 g. So Lenny certainly falls into that since he was 470 g at birth," Dr. Kim Costello said.

"He doesn't really look like a baby at first. He looks like the photos you see in home exercise class of this is what your baby looks like at that point you know what I mean you know he doesn't look like he does now," Justin Starcher said.

Now Lenny is 8 pounds, and much to the joy of his nurses he is ready to go home.

The Starchers say they're grateful to the doctors and nurses who cared for Lenny and showed them that with the help of modern day medicine, a lot of love and some patience, miracles happen.

"We just can't wait to get him home. Yeah we're just so excited to finally bring him home finally," Iris Starcher said.