Ballot drop boxes opened for the first time Monday in Lehigh County, after a lawsuit kept them closed last week.

Previously, the drop box outside the Lehigh County Government Center was closed with a sign telling voters to come inside, but now voters can finally drop off their ballots 24-7. We asked one voter how he felt about it.

"This is a democracy, and making it easier for people to cast legal votes is the right thing to do in my opinion," said Rob Hodges.

The lawsuit, filed by the group America First Legal, called for election monitors to be stationed outside drop boxes to make sure people weren't dropping off multiple ballots, but the Judge said a sign telling people the law was enough. It's a decision that the group Power Pennsylvania was celebrating outside the County Government Center Monday.

"It seems like there are those who will do anything to keep individuals, especially in the Black and Brown communities, from voting, but we are here to take a stand and say that we're going to vote come rain, come shine, come sleet or hail, we're going to cast that ballot without fail," said Rev. Melanie Debouse.

"Folks should go out and vote, and we should not be putting barriers, obstacles in front of folks," said Rev. Gregory Edwards.

The group is also trying to get more people to the polls. Lehigh County currently has fewer registered voters per capita (65%) than neighboring Northampton County (73%). Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure said enthusiasm has been high.

"As of today, we've had 38,000 mail-in ballot requests that have been sent out, and we've had about 24,000 of those ballots actually returned, which I think is another thing that demonstrates interest," said McClure.

Power Pennsylvania hopes to get that same energy in Lehigh County.

"If you're watching this and you're in Allentown, come out and vote rain or shine. Your voice and your vote matter," said Rev. Edwards.

The deadline to register to vote is midnight Monday. You can do that online on the Pennsylvania Department of State website. Remember, if you're using the drop boxes, sign and date the back of the envelope, and only drop off your own ballot.

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