Bethlehem family says kids fall into raw sewage at restaurant playground area in Wind Gap


A Bethlehem family says they are "traumatized" after visiting a local restaurant in Wind Gap this weekend and watching their kids fall into what they describe as a "sinkhole" full of raw sewage.

Dining at The Daisy restaurant in Wind Gap is something Amanda Everett and her family normally do every weekend, just like her grandparents did. But after last weekend's experience she says that tradition is probably coming to an end.

Her kids were playing in the restaurant's playground area outside when things took an awful turn.

"All of a sudden.. one son ran over a piece of the ground which was fine at the time and all of sudden it bubbled and then they all kinda went straight down," Everett said.

Everett says the kids were literally sinking into the ground.

"At first I thought it was mud and then the smell came, that was not mud, and they were covered."

Owner Chris Wheeler says he has no idea what happened.

"I don't know what it is, if it's a sinkhole, a drainage ditch, if it's raw sewage. I don't know," he said.

The owners have since fenced off the area, but they're hoping they can fix the drainage problem.

Wheeler is working with a contractor from the township to try to fix it. He's also trying to mend things with Everett.

Their clothes were all ruined, I said I'd definitely reimburse them," Wheeler said.

Everett says this is about more than soiled clothes, however.

"It was traumatizing, it was emotional, it's embarrassing that you and your family are head to toe in this mess," she said.

Everett said she's now worried her kids might get sick from the incident.