BETHLEHEM, Pa. - An overdue library book has made its way back home to Bethlehem.

It was really overdue! And like any good book, it's got quite the story.

A library book being overdue is something that happens everyday. To some, it's serious business. The legendary sitcom "Seinfeld" even created an episode centered around "The Library Cop," Mr. Bookman, who went to Jerry's apartment to try and track down an old book.

"We're pretty much more gentle than that," said Josh Berk, who has been the executive director of the Bethlehem Area Public Library the last six years.

"Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus" was checked out 40 years ago.

"It's on the slip. December 18, 1980 so they were not kidding," Berk said.

It was checked out of the Bethlehem library by someone.

"After that long, the records don't even exist so we couldn't even find out who had it," Berk said.

And after all that time, you're probably wondering about the fine.

"We did the math. It was a couple thousand dollars, 20 cents a day haha," Berk said.

But it's a book about Jesus, after all, so maybe forgiveness would be fitting, and that's what Bethlehem is doing this time.

But don't let someone try it again, otherwise you could get a visit from Mr. Bookman.