BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Jessie Madura is 107-years-young.

"It was a very important day, a day that I won't forget, of course," Madura said.

Her actual birthday is Wednesday but family, friends, and some students from Notre Dame of Bethlehem Elementary School surprised her with cake, balloons, and flowers to kick off the celebration a day early.

"All these little kids and they sang for me, you know that doesn't happen every day," said Madura.

But neither does turning 107, so of course we asked her, "what's the secret?"

"You have to work, you have to keep your body busy," she said.

And that's just what Madura did. She was a waitress for 48 years at restaurants across the state.

"I had a hard life, I worked hard, extremely hard," said Madura.

She says she worked so hard, there were times she didn't think she'd make it.

"Every time I got so tired I couldn't stand it, I knew I was going to die, but I never did," she said.

Madura is no longer working but says at her age, things can still be hard.

"Having a conversation and all of a sudden you stop 'cause you can't remember what the heck you were going to say," said Madura.

But then there are moments of fun.

"Sometimes you can still stand up and dance," said Madura.

And turning 107 is certainly reason to dance.