BETHLLEHEM, Pa. - What's going bump in the night at Bethlehem's Sayre Mansion?

We're about to find out.

The landmark is being featured on an upcoming episode of "Ghost Hunters," a show that tries to prove the paranormal. It's now a question in Bethlehem. The Travel Channel will air Sayre Specters at 9 p.m. Saturday. It centers on the Sayre Mansion.

The Gothic mansion, now a bed and breakfast, was first built by industrialist Robert Sayre in 1858.

The episode is a homecoming of sorts for Josh Popichak.

"We had a cat, and I can remember her, you know, reacting to different stimuli that we couldn't see," he recalled.

Popichak, who runs the Saucon Source and was the first to write about the upcoming show, lived in the Sayre Mansion for 14 years when it was apartments.

"Do you believe in this kind of thing?" I asked.

"It's not something I think about a ton, but I've definitely written about it quite often," he said.

There's no bigger believer than Justin Torok, who treasures Bethlehem's haunted past.

"Bethlehem celebrated its 250th anniversary last year. The original buildings and structures, the original foundations, are here and well preserved," he said while we walked along Main Street next to the historical Sun Inn.

The paranormal investigator's show Ghost Encounters searches for those lingering local spirits. From the Sun Inn to Hotel Bethlehem, Torok believes ghosts are alive and well if you know how to look.

"Spirits just wanting to present themselves to you, to share their voice, to tell you what they have to say. Very rare cases do you encounter evil entities," he said of the spirits he's encountered.

As to whether spirits are real or a figment of the imagination, Popichak is keeping an open mind, at least for his former home.

"I have to have some type of skepticism, because I'm also a journalist. But yeah, I mean, I definitely think that there are things beyond our comprehension," he said.

The Sayre Mansion episode airs at 9 p.m. Saturday on the Travel Channel and Discovery Plus.

The Sayre Inn was unavailable for comment.

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