ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Halloween isn't all that much fun when you're stuck in the hospital. Dozens of young patients at a Lehigh County hospital got to be part of a different take on trick or treat Thursday.

It started as a normal day at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children's Hospital.

But by late morning it was a magical day. It's Halloween, so there's trick-or-treating. But this works a bit differently.

By the look of 3-year-old James Lawrence's face, the treats brought a lot of joy.

It meant a lot to Amy Shaner and her 6-year-old son Colton too. 

"Before they started the reverse trick-or-treating today, he wasn't even wanting to lift his head off the pillow he wasn't talking, as you can hear, he's livened up quite a bit," Amy said.

And it was perfect for 16-year-old Dane Enck, who isn't all that hot on the spirit of Halloween but will happily take the treats.

"You could say I'm dressed up as a cyborg, because of all the titanium in my lungs by now," Dane said.

A little humor and a lot of kindness goes a long way.