BANGOR, Pa. - A Bangor man who fought for his country during World War II was given a big birthday surprise.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church hosted a surprise 98th birthday party for Donald Jones.

He's a lifelong resident of the Bangor area and has been in the church choir for 68 years.

Jones gave a solo performance during Sunday morning's service, before he was surprised with a big birthday cake.

He first sang in church at the age of 9 and hasn't stopped.

"The more I sing, the more I liked it. I did a little singing when I was in the service with a group of men in World War II," Jones said. "I've sung in glee clubs. I've been asked to go and sing at different churches."

The birthday surprise was belated. Jones says he dealt with some medical issues around the time of his birthday and wasn't able to get together with family and friends.