City Center Allentown fighting back after spotted lanternflies swarm downtown buildings


For the second year in a row, the Lehigh Valley is being invaded by spotted lanternflies, and one local company is fighting back.

The pests have been swarming City Center Allentown's downtown buildings and City Center is using a special tactic to take them out.

City Center has had workers clearing the sidewalks of the pesky bugs several times Tuesday, but they are back on the ground and also on the buildings themselves.

One thing they've been doing is spraying a chemical that is killing the spotted lanternflies, and it's working.

A video taken last weekend by a local blogger shows hordes of dead spotted lanternflies lying in downtown Allentown.

To combat the problem, City Center Allentown has hired Enviro-Tech Pest Services to spray an industrial grade pest control chemical on its sidewalks and glass siding.

Then once they fall and die, City Center is using a high-powered blower and vacuum to scoop them all up.

The spread of lanternflies poses a real risk to crops and you can do your part to stop it.

Enviro-Tech says there is an easy way for you to take care of them at home by using dawn dish soap. ​​​

"You're not going to damage your trees. You're going to do things in a way that is not going to kill your trees or stain your siding. They say to put a couple of squirts of that and a gallon of water," said Patrick Harris with Enviro-Tech.

And if that doesn't get rid of them all, time will.

Officials say the lanternflies will all die by October when it gets colder out, but they will lay eggs before they die off.

So be sure to scrape the eggs off trees because the babies will survive the winter and hatch the following spring.