'CPR Jukebox' at Musikfest aims to be a life-saver


It's 100 bpm --the speed of countless popular songs, and also, the average heart rate for many adults.

At this year's MusikFest, Darren Sudman, co-founder of Philadelphia based group "Simon's Heart," is presenting "CPR Jukebox."

He's holding the tent in memory of his son, who died of sudden cardiac arrest when he was just three months old.

Sudman is now teaching kids and adults how to help save lives, by pumping kick balls to the beat.

"Giving people the opportunity to pick their favorite 100 bpm song, do some compressions on a kickball would be a fun way to teach them how to perform a life saving skill," Sudman explained.

One of the child participants, 7-year-old Jadyn, picked out one of his favorite songs, "Cheerleader," pumping his makeshift heart to that 100 bpm tempo. "It was fun," Jadyn recalled.

"It just means a lot because you never know what could potentially happen in life, so [it's] just so important they know," Jadyn's mom, Stephanie Skepton, said.

As for Sudman, he says he'll never stop educating others on CPR, in honor of his son, and for all the hearts still beating to the tempo. "I hope they remember their favorite 100 bpm song, I hope they remember the sensation of doing a compression, and then if they're in the situation where they need to jump in, call 911, and know how to save a life."

This tent will be at Musikfest Saturdays and Sundays through Aug. 11.