COOPERSBURG, Pa. - As we recognize those who served America, one woman is honoring the memory of her father, a World War II veteran, by sharing his war stories with the world. She has written those memories down in a book. She spoke with local veterans Monday.

It's been hailed the "Greatest Generation," and Yvonne Caputo's father Michael was part of it. He navigated B-24s in England during World War II and took part in numerous bombing missions, but it would take years before he started sharing those stories.

"I was in my early 60s when he and I were on the phone and he told me about this quirky, off-the-wall story about the war," Caputo said.

Yvonne says her mother had just passed away and that's when a whole new relationship began.

"Story after story after story started rolling off of his tongue," Caputo said.

It was through these stories that she began to unravel more and more. Yvonne, now a psychologist, realized her dad had undiagnosed PTSD.  Her father opened up about a recurring nightmare that he had for years.  After watching planes shot down from the sky, in his nightmare his plane was spiraling out of control and he kept trying to get through a passageway to get a parachute. 

"The nightmares were so vivid that he said that, the mattress was starting to get holes in it, where he would try to dig this way through," Caputo said.

As her father opened up more and more, Caputo started having a strong desire to write his story.  She did just that and titled it "Flying With Dad." Her father read the first manuscript before he passed away in 2010.

His story has given her a whole new perspective on Veterans Day.

"Thank God for the men and women who give me and every American the freedoms that we have," she said.