ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Voters in Allentown have given Ray O'Connell two more years in the mayor's office.

The Democrat declared victory in the race against Republican Tim Ramos.

The candidates were seeking to fill the two-year remainder of Ed Pawlowski's term.

"I am honored and humbled to be the mayor of Allentown," O'Connell said during a victory speech.

Ramos said he will continue to go to city council meetings and seek to keep O'Connell accountable. He said he will continue to work in the community.

O'Connell has been serving as interim mayor since his fellow council members nominated him when Pawlowski went to prison after a pay-to-play scandal.

He had been on city council for eight years, serving as president for three. He also worked for the Allentown School District for nearly 40 years.