Despite the current cold spell government data show the Lehigh Valley has been heating up.

The data show that over the past five years, the Delaware and Lehigh valleys have seen slightly higher temperatures than the rest of the state.

"Is this almost like Christmas Eve for you?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked Blue Mountain's Tricia Matsko.

"Yes," she said just before the resort's snow machines started.

A holiday gift from Mother Nature as colder than normal November temperatures allow Blue Mountain to make snow weeks ahead of schedule.

"We are hoping temps can sustain this start and start with a nice base till opening," Matsko said.

However, five-year data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show the Lehigh and Delaware valleys are the fastest warming areas in the state.

Pennsylvania on the whole is about 2 degrees above normal, with Lehigh and Northampton counties 3 degrees above normal.

The effects are being felt. Professor of Biology at Muhlenberg College and bug expert Martin Edwards has attributed a rise in insect diseases to warmer temperatures, especially eastern equine encephalitis recently found in Monroe and Carbon counties.

"This virus has cycled in nature since the 1930's. What's been interesting is within the last 10 years the cycle seems to be more frequent," Edwards said.

"Proximity to the ocean is a real clue," said chief of NOAA's climate monitoring Deke Arndt. He says warming oceans, especially the Atlantic, are rising temperatures along the East Coast.

"Long term trends are definitely connected to climate change. There's a strong suggestion that part of the Atlantic has been warming for years," Arndt said.

However Blue will revel in being white, at least for now.

"We are further north than the Lehigh Valley, we are able to make do with what is given," Matsko said.

The NOAA data shows that New Jersey is the fastest warming state in the country.

Blue Mountain hopes to be open for Black Friday.