Easton City Council approves 3 month parking permit for city employees


EASTON, Pa. – The Easton City Council reviewed plans Tuesday night for updates to the city’s technology systems.

Easton IT manager Frank Caruso gave a presentation showing where the city is headed over the next couple of years. Caruso said that the goal of the technology upgrades are to help communication efforts and preserve information should they not be able to operate out of city hall, or if systems are not running.

Caruso said the city would adopt a Voice over IP (VoIP) system, which would allow for communication between city officials on multiple devices. Caruso said VoIP makes it possible for officials to continue business off the premises of city hall.

In addition, city hall will begin migrating to Office 365 and backing up information onto the cloud. Emails, financial systems, user profiles, voice communication and code enforcement will all be stored in the cloud so that it may be recovered in the event of an emergency, according to Caruso.

The city may launch a new emergency notification system called Rave that will alert customers of happenings within the confines of the city. Customers will be able to register family members to the system as well as medical equipment. Caruso said that registered medical equipment will be visible to first responders on their devices for those customers.

Later in the presentation, Caruso gave council members a glimpse of a new website design. The site showcases a homepage for the government and the city itself. Caruso said that the site is still going through editing.

In addition, Caruso said that city staff will be able to use a content management system in order to edit text on the new website.