BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Local female business and community members came together with a plan to lift up the next generation. 

The "Curvy Girl Pearls & Young Girls Empowerment Program" is a year long initiative focused on boosting self esteem and prepping young women for success. 

"We want young girls to understand that when they feel good about themselves, they're going to present themselves to the world with a passion," said Kari Holmes, founder of Kari On PR.

Hoping confidence will help them get ahead.

"You might be that confident woman that somebody needs to push them to the next level and you might not even know it," said Telisha Russell, CEO of Sassy and Classy Life.

The initiative will start off with a body-positive fashion show on October 26, at the Hyatt Place in Bethlehem, followed by career-building workshops.  

"Learn who you are from the inside out, and then celebrate that every day," said Holmes.