Former Allentown Cadets director issues statement claiming innocence


On the social media site former Allentown Cadets director George Hopkins writes: "I have sat by and listened as people assassinated my character and made allegations that were not true."

Last March nearly a dozen women came forward with sexual assault allegations against Hopkins dating back to the 1980s.

Only two of the alleged assaults fell within the statute of limitations.

In the post, Hopkins says:

"This entire series of attacks are the result of a small group of Cadets' alumni having a vendetta against me because I did not run the drum corps the way they may have preferred."

Hopkins admits that at times he was a tough person to work with while at the Cadets and apologized for the way he treated some people.

But he says: "But make no mistake, I have never acted inappropriately with a woman. As I have stated countless times, these allegations either were consensual acts or never happened. No one will be able to prove otherwise because that is the truth."

Hopkins says he has received a lot of support since he was fired from the Cadets saying: "Many have proven to be very, very supportive and frankly, the outreach has allowed me to keep my head in the air."

Hopkins' attorney says Hopkins has waited a long time to say something publicly.

"I think in an effort to sort of balance some of the awful things that have been said about him on social media. (because I find them to be not true and I think he finds them to be not true) it's his way of at least saying his peace without getting into all the details of what we're going to be doing at the time of trial," said attorney Thomas Bergstrom.

Hopkins is expected to go to trial in the spring or summer.