It's an innovative way to keep the former Rodale campus a creative space for artists. The group in charge says it would stimulate growth in the Emmaus community.

You may see an empty warehouse now, but the board in charge of the Emmaus Creative Arts and Innovation Center say you will see a lot more.

"Rodale's business was a business of creativity with the publication of magazines, books and such. While Rodale left, the creativity stayed here," said James Baker, president of the Emmaus Creative Arts and Innovative Center.

The group has entered into an agreement with Phoebe Ministries to design an all encompassing arts center in the 35,000-square-foot space in Emmaus, a space where a lot of different artistic disciplines will be under one roof. The goal is to have a black box theatre, rehearsal space, recording studios, and shops.

The group also wants the center to be cross generational-it will be right across the street from the new Chestnut Ridge Senior community operated by Phoebe. When a family member is visiting a resident, they can go to the arts center and make some memories.

"If it's a youngster teaching grandpa how to fly drones, or grandma sharing with a daughter how to make a family recipe or something like that," Baker said.

As with any project, money is essential. That's why the group is seeking donations.

"The money is out there. We've got a long list of foundations, trusts, and grantors that we are going to approach for each phase to help raise the money for the capital improvements," Baker said.

The group says it will document each phase of the project on their website.