It's an operation unlike many others.

"Well, it's a fantastic opportunity for the girls," said Scott Laudenslager.

And it's a testament to their parents' organization skills.

"I have a spreadsheet that has all of our sales from last year and the year before," added Laudenslager.

Girl Scout cookies were dispersed to troops throughout the Lehigh Valley Saturday morning, at Dorney Park.

"I mean, it's alot but it's fairly simple," said Carli Turner.

Over 100,000 preordered boxes of your favorite cookies were ready for pick up. Jen Kutz manages a Girl Scouts troop of 18 second- to fifth-grade girls.

"We have it down to a science of what we pick up in the beginning and then as the season goes on, I'll come back here and pick up a few more times depending on how many the girls are selling," said Kutz.

Her troop usually sells around 2,000 boxes of cookies a season, which she believes teaches the girls valuable life skills.

"It's leadership skills, it's selling skills. It gets the girls to talk to people they normally wouldn't," said Kutz.

In fact, all the parents we talked to, despite waiting in line for their turn to load up, agree to this.

"They learn all about people skills and money management," said Laudenslager.

"To them, it's cookies and they just think 'how many can we get to sell?' but really, they're learning these entrepreneurial skills that will be very valuable," said Turner.