CENTER VALLEY, Pa. - Thanksgiving has come and gone, and so have the big shopping days, Friday and Monday.

It's the Tuesday after the holiday that serves a special purpose, called Giving Tuesday, and Penn State's Lehigh Valley Campus is joining in on the movement.

"We are looking at raising funds for our student and veteran lounge," said Melissa Baker, coordinator for student services.

It will be a dedicated space where adults and veterans can connect, as transitioning from military life to civilian life can be hard.

"It would allow us to go ahead and be able to reach out to each other and learn from each other," said Jeff McConnell, president of Student Veterans Organization.

It'll be put to good use, as student veterans and adult learners make up 1 out of every 5 students on their campus.

"Their problems are very different than the normal, traditional student," Baker said.

But Jeff McConnell says it'll be more than just a lounge on a college campus.

He says it's a way to help each other stay connected in the community.

"Just having a place that we can all get together other than a classroom or a restaurant, just here on campus so we can all just enjoy and not have to go anywhere else, would be very beneficial," McConnell said.

As the campus continues to make strides, their goal is to continue to expand, with big plans ahead.

They'll meet with the board in February to solidify much of their construction plans.

You can donate to the lounge on the campus website.