Although Olympus has only been in the Lehigh Valley for 13 years, it's celebrating a century in business. 

"Olympus has gone through a number of different things, including almost two world wars," said Nacho Abia, the company's president and CEO.

And the company's focus has shifted in that time, from cameras to medical devices. Almost 80% of the business is now medical.

"We strongly believe that companies like us have to do our portion to contribute to medicine," Abia said.

The company invited Girl Scouts from across the area and presented them with a $10,000 check for STEM programs. 

The girls were also given a hands-on view of Olympus' equipment. 

"Science is in your everyday life," said Girl Scout Alexa Ebeling. "And we have math in our everyday life at school and outside of school so I think that we need all of that." 

The company hopes to inspire the next generation using their products. 

"So we are very proud that Olympus can be involved in the STEM programs and continuously helping these kids to grow with that passion for science," Abia said.