BETHLEHEM, Pa. - January is national Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month. You might want to get involved but don't know how.

Here in the Lehigh Valley you can help by going shopping.

My Sister's Closet is an eclectic boutique where chunky jewelry and sleek silver sparkle on display tables, designer handbags are clustered together and the knits are arranged by color.

But this is no ordinary shopping experience. Here, every purchase has a purpose.

"Every purchase goes towards helping women find freedom from their exploiters," said Autumn Reif, a Truth For Women Board Member.

My Sister's Closet is a major funding source for the Truth Home, which cares for sexually exploited women.

"It's horrifying. To hear some of the stories that they've been through some of them that have been sold by family members. Some of them that have been coerced by what they thought was a boyfriend," said Michelle Orr with My Sister's Closet.

According to local statistics, in the last 18 months 60 people sought help to escape the life of prostitution and sex trafficking.

At the Truth Home survivors can recuperate for three months and start to get back on their feet.

"Maybe that's just social services to get a job or get their ID cards or get them back to their family or maybe into a more of a long-term program to get the emotional and the physical the financial help and they need to be the person who they really are," said Reif.

Often times that includes blending with the other shoppers at My Sister's closet, where all of the items are donated by the community.

"Every dollar helps make that difference in the lives of women," said Orr.

My Sister's Closet says its wares are purchased by people who want to make a difference.

And purchased by people who want to make a difference. For more information on how you can help, visit