EASTON, Pa. - Election problems continue for Northampton County.

Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure says election officials discovered hundreds of votes that were not previously counted. McClure says the ballots were found Tuesday.

He says they were not tampered with. The canister was sealed with two stickers that have a code on them and both seals were still intact. 

The votes are from Lower Saucon Township, Precinct 1. The canister, that contained more than 200 votes, was placed in the Lower Saucon Township Precinct 2 bag, McClure said.

The votes have been counted and applied to the correct races. 

It's unclear if the find will impact the results of any of last week's elections.

The canvassing operation for the votes will be done Wednesday or Thursday. The votes will then go to the Department of State to be certified.

McClure said he can assure all voters that this was a "legal, fair, and accurate election."