EASTON, Pa. - A Utah man making a trek of a lifetime is making a few stops in Pennsylvania.

It's the first time Isaiah Glen Shields has visited Bank Street in Easton.

"I really, really like the look of Easton. I don't know, the rolling hills, the way the architecture just incorporates the landscape," said Shields.

Shields has also visited Bethlehem, calling the old Steel Mill site one of his favorite sites.

The 29-year-old Utah native has seen a lot of towns in the last 422 days. That's how long he's been zig-zagging across America on a peanut M&M fueled-journey he's calling "You do You."

So far he has walked more than 7,500 miles, and believes the mileage at the end of his journey could double.

"I walked up to that westernmost point of the country, it's in Washington state, it's called Cape Alava, it's on the Olympic Peninsula, and ever since then I turned around and I've been walking towards Maine," said Shields.

But it's not just walking, it's pushing a cart with his essentials.

"Once in Wyoming I walked between Shoshone and Casper, Wyoming, which is a 100-mile gap with no towns in between, so this enables me to carry four gallons of water plus a tent, sleeping bag, and food," said Shields.

He's also got solar panels to power his electronics, so he can keep his growing social media following updated. He is on Facebook, Youtube, and is igshields27 on Instagram.

Some of his followers have offered lodging along his route, like "Jim" in Wilson Borough. But others simply say hi, sign his cart, or add to his collection of stickers and badges.

Shields says he gets a lot of questions about his journey. The most frequent is: why?

"I just wanted to go on a walk. It's just a real strong sense of curiosity about the world," he said.

Shields says he's not sure when he will get to Maine, and will likely walk back home to Utah.

He says for now, he's just enjoying his journey and the people he's meeting along the way, taking a page from the Declaration of Independence.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," said Shields.

Shields says ultimately, this happiness will be shared in a book or documentary.

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