BETHLEHEM, Pa. - While many Londoners braved the rain, others continued the British tradition of taking their pooches to the polls.

For many this election could be going to dogs as the future of Brexit is on the table.

"Would you like to see Boris Johnson or the Labor Party?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked.

"Whatever is the best result for Northern Ireland," said Neville Gardner.

Bethlehem's McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Donegal Square shop Owner Neville Gardner's native Northern Ireland could be affected.

Being a part of the U.K., it would leave the European Union with Brexit while the Republic of Ireland would remain in the EU.

"If tariffs are put on stuff in the UK because of Brexit would that affect you?" Bo asked him.

"Absolutely, my single malt whiskey, wool jumpers, jewelry," he said of some of the things he sells in his Main Street shop.

"It would be more expensive for you?"

"Absolutely," he said.

Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party want a Brexit deal done by the end of January. His opponent, Labor Party candidate Jeremy Corbyn, wants to hold another public vote.

"The real question is whether or not conservatives can win a majority," said Muhlenberg College associate Political Science Professor Brian Mello.

Mello adds if Johnson wins but can't get 51%, a hung parliament would be a Brexit disaster, that could result in huge backups for food, medicine and goods.

While that may not directly affect us here in the U.S., Mello says it continues to sow the seeds of discontent in a key western democracy "at a moment when there is a lot of concern over increasing Russian influence and Russian desire to create turmoil in the west and democracy's around the world."