Importance of giving evident at Mosser Elementary


This time of year in a room full of kids, the big man in red is the center of attention, as evidenced by the screams of "Santa?" from students.

But at Mosser Elementary, two little elves stole the show.

"Merry Christmas," they said walking into a classroom.

5th-grader Nasya Washington and her brother, 3rd-grader Zavier hand-delivered more than 40 gifts to special-needs students.

"They understand there are individuals that are less fortunate. They knew we don't have it all and any little bit we can give, why not?" said mom Yahaira Washington.

Washington says the idea stemmed from 2nd-grade special needs student Raphael, who she saw a few weeks ago in the office wanting to give a letter to Santa.

"He had asked for an Xbox", she said.

"Santa I want an Xbox, that I can play with my brother. Please," he said in class to Santa, otherwise known as district superintendent Thomas Parker.

Raphael's wish came true. Little did he know the game didn't come from Santa, but the two little elves.

"We've been blessed over the years and now we can make other people feel blessed and happy.

Especially if they feel like they can't afford certain things, now we can give it to them," said Nasaya.

That giving included adults too. Staff also received gifts from the pair.

When asked if it feels better to get a gift or give a gift, Nasya is quick to answer.

"Give a gift, because I can share happiness," she said.

Showing us what's the most important Christmas lesson of all.