Japanese knotweed

PALMER TWP., Pa. – The Bushkill Stream Conservancy's $321,000 restoration project may have been successfully completed last summer, but funds are still available to accomplish even more.

Kathy Altmann, of the Bushkill Stream Conservancy, proposed a plan to the Palmer Township Board of Supervisors Monday night to remove the invasive Japanese knotweed in and around the area of Braden Park in Tatamy borough and Mill Race Park in Palmer Township.

She recommended having a contractor used by the Wildlands Conservancy come out to cut the knotweed and treat it twice — once in the early spring and summer, and then later in the season — with an herbicide.

Once it goes to seed, there are millions of seeds released, Altmann said. It's just as bad as bamboo but worse because it has big flower heads on it that produce a "zillion" seeds, she explained.

Director of Public Works Scott Kistler said he was in favor of the idea.

In addition to the knotweed request, Altmann said three signs were ready to be showcased by Mill Race along the buffer area of the Bushkill Creek, to explain what the buffer is, why it's there and how it functions, with the end goal to educate people who visit the area. Public Works will assist in designating the signage locations.

Altmann also noted the already-existing detention basin signs in the area are in "horrible shape" and would like to replace them with new signage already completed.

This restoration project was six years in the making, according to Altmann, with the goal to improve water quality and the habitat in the stream. It was funded by six grants, with the Wildlands Conservancy as the overseer of the project.

Also during Monday's meeting, Fire Commissioner Stephen Gallagher presented the board with a recommendation to consider a requirement for residents to have uniform reflective property identification signs on their mailbox posts.

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