ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin says investigators spent more than eight days watching video surveillance of Lehigh County's drop boxes to determine if people had broken the law by dropping off more than just their own ballot.

"If we could demonstrate there was fraud we would prosecute. The fact of the matter is that we could demonstrate that in some instances people committed a technical violation of the law by dropping two ballots instead of one," Martin said.

Martin says roughly 7% of the 4,026 voters observed on the video dropped off more than one ballot. He says prosecuting the lawbreakers would be impossible, as most were wearing masks and could not be identified.

He says the drop box law is poorly written.

"We as the legislative majority in particular need to clarify this law so that we don't make criminals of hundreds of thousands of people who are just trying to exercise their right to vote," said state Rep. Mike Schlossberg, (D)-District 132.

Schlossberg says until this is sorted out by lawmakers, county employees can be posted at drop boxes during elections to enforce the law.

Rep. Gary Day, (R)-District 187 says he's working to pass seven bills he's written that include stiffer penalties and time stamps.

Both lawmakers say the issue of drop box security is definitely going to heat up ahead of the midterm elections.

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