Lehigh University student with loaded handgun and knife taken into custody, bulletin says


A Lehigh University student with a loaded handgun and knife was taken into custody after banging on a car window and acting aggressively, a university safety bulletin said.

Detectives from the university police department were conducting an investigation into the erratic behavior of a student shortly after noon Monday, the bulletin said. Detectives saw a disturbance near the intersection of Morton and New streets, near Farrington Square.

A man was seen banging on the window of an occupied car, as well as loudly shouting and acting aggressively, the bulletin said.

The manager of Saxbys Lehigh said the student threatened a man who was not a student across the street from his store, by "the Cup" ice cream shop.

University police department officers tried to restrain the man, who actively resisted, the bulletin said. More officers responded and were able to restrain him. The man was found to possess a loaded handgun and knife, the bulletin said.

It was determined the man taken into custody was a Lehigh student, who was being transferred to a local health care facility for a psychiatric evaluation. The man will face criminal charges related to the incident, the bulletin said.

69 News obtained a video of the student during the incident.

The video appears to show the student saying "Cmon. You wanna get hurt? You wanna get hurt?"

Lauren Ludwig, a junior at the university, said she witnessed the incident when she went to the mail center to pick up packages.

She said she walked out and saw everyone standing still and staring in the direction of the incident.

"I'm like something is going wrong. No one is ever just frozen on campus," she said.

"So I turn around and I just see like a police officer like holding a gun out at someone around the corner. I couldn't see."​​​​​​

"At that point, I just got so scared cause I was like not trying to stick around and see what was happening."

Anybody with information is asked to call the Lehigh University Police Department at 610-758-4200.