BETHLEHEM, Pa. - As the Christmas holiday approaches, we often think of those less fortunate than ourselves. One local organization is coming to the aid of those who are fighting for their lives.

"It makes me feel really good to address the needs because I saw there was a need," says Lehigh Township's DeeAna Bedics.

Bedics is grateful for the opportunity to help cancer patients during their recovery. DeeAna saw the need six years ago when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Doctors said she had six months to live.

"It was an uphill battle all the way. You win some battles. You lose some battles but as long as you win the war (that's all that matters)," says Bedics.

DeeAna won the war with Dr. Ranju Gupta at her side. However, it is the doctor who says she learned a lot from the patient.

"Even when she was going through this she was like what can I do for other people, other patients? So that gave me an inspiration," says Dr. Gupta.

At Lehigh Valley Health Network Tuesday, DeeAna and her "Pink Pumpkins Coins 4 Chemo" foundation shared a warm meal with families fighting cancer who got a few presents from Santa and even some hand made cards. The foundation collects donations for LVHN's Prager Patient Assistance Fund, which helps patients with everyday expenses.

As long as she has Dr. Gupta by her side, DeeAna says the two can continue to save lives.

"Her compassion, her strength and her soul has all rubbed off me and she taught me and I taught her and we're learning and we're growing and we believe in the whole aspect of giving back," says Bedics.