An echo of violence continues to spread across northern Syria. A level of destruction that, according to Professor of International Studies and Political Science, Dr. Christopher Herrick, will only get worse.

"We're literally blowing up bases, and what's going to be the image of the U.S, cutting and running and blowing up bases," Herrick said.

His comments came after the announcement of a five-day ceasefire between the Turks and the Kurds, temporarily halting Turkey's invasion of Syria. Herrick said the ceasefire is a positive move but only because President Trump's prior decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria left him no other alternative.

"The implications for the ceasefire is that a truly disastrous situation has become a little less disastrous for the U.S.," Herrick said.

President Trump said the ceasefire agreement will allow the Kurds to move to a safer area - a development that will save countless lives.

"This is an amazing outcome. This is an outcome regardless of how the press would like to dampen down. This was something that they'd been trying to get for 10 years," President Trump said.

However, Herrick argued, this is only the beginning of countless more battles.

"The U.S. has to rely on two kinds of power, hard power and soft power, hard power [is when] you use bullets, and soft power, that means people are willing to do things because they believe in you. We don't have any more soft power, we've squandered it."