NAZARETH, Pa. - Superstorm Sandy left a mess behind in the Lehigh Valley but from the downed power lines and trees have come several finely crafted instruments. Fallen trees from Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center in Northampton County have been reclaimed by Martin Guitar makers who turned the wood into three guitars.

Martin Guitar's Frank Untermyer said the reclaimed instruments are part of a larger sustainability effort by the company, which sources products from around the world. Martin Guitar and the Jacobsburg Education Center have a long-standing relationship.

“Sustainability here at Martin Guitar has become a core value for us. We try and work it into everything we do… we tried to use some woods that would be tone woods of sorts, so they sound good on a guitar. That's the whole trick,” he said.

Two of the guitars are on display in the Martin lobby and inside the Jacobsburg Education Center. The third is in the Martin archives.

"When visitors come in and they see that [guitar], they're always like, 'wow, that's really, really cool. That's a great thing.' We always let people who come in and play guitar give it a go. As Martin will tell you, guitars are meant to be played,” said Rob Nietz, manager of the Jacobsburg Education Center.