Local musician suffered from enlarged prostate, until one procedure changed his life


September is prostate cancer awareness month, and while most of the focus is on that deadly disease, there is another issue that affects men-an enlarged prostate.

A local musician suffered from that condition until one procedure changed his life.

Nine years ago, things were far from perfect for Corey Blassingame, who lives in Catasaqua. He used to get up all the time in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, he had issues in the bedroom, and hated traveling.

"If I did it was constant stops, so I had to leave a lot earlier," Corey said.

This went on for five years, and he began to get concerned because both of his parents had cancer, with his dad suffering from prostate cancer. So he went to see Dr. Clifford Georges at Lehigh Valley Health Network. It turns out Corey had an enlarged prostate.

"He did have some blockage. He didn't do well with medications, so he ended up having the UroLift system done," Dr. Georges said.

The UroLift is a procedure where doctors use a camera to look at the prostate as they place a small implant inside for relief.

"The turnaround time is about two to four weeks in terms of recovery," Dr. Georges said.

By age 55 1 in 4 men suffer from an enlarged prostate.

And Corey, a married father of two at the time he underwent the procedure, says it worked just fine. He and his wife just celebrated the birth of their third child John James last year.

Now as he's about to turn 50, Corey says others need to look into getting it done too.