ALLENTOWN, Pa. - As soon as the fire broke out in the 700 block of Fountain Street, neighbors stepped up, running from door-to-door to get everyone out. A day later, those same people are left with nothing.

Luis Perez says he and his family were victims of a fire around the Christmas holiday 15 years ago on Seventh Street. He says the community got them back on their feet.

"They brought us a Christmas tree, donations and that's the only thing that really lifted my spirit," Perez said.

To show thanks, Perez opened I Am Reciprocity on West Hamilton Street. It's a place where folks like Rogelio Torres can drop off donations for those in need.

"We need to be here or there for all those people so here we are," Torres said.

On Seventh Street, Operation Address The Homeless, or OATH, has been bombarded with donations for the victims. OATH generally deals with the homeless.

Carolyn Hoffman says the magnitude of the fire got their attention.

"We all got the phone calls in the morning 'Hey get to the building. We all gotta do this,'" Hoffman said. "It shows the true heart of Allentown and that's what OATH does too."

"Thank God that the community's coming together and we have a lot of organizations coming to help soften the blow as much as possible," Perez said.

Donations at 'I Am Reciprocity' were being taken til 11 p.m.

Over at OATH, they are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.