Seasonal hiring has begun. Stores across the country, including in the Lehigh Valley, are looking for workers for the upcoming holiday season.

Charline Adams lives in Allentown and mainly works at Boston Market, but she says she's always looking for another job to supplement her income this time of year.

So she came to JC Penney Tuesday in the Lehigh Valley Mall for the store's hiring event. Charline says she has a strategy when she goes into a job interview.

"Stand up tall, look in each other's eyes, have eye contact, greet them and speak clearly so they can hear you," she said.

And it worked. Charline got a job offer on the spot.

She was one of a handful who were applying for jobs.

The company is hiring thousands of seasonal workers across the country. Heather Dean, an assistant manager, says J.C.Penney looks for a certain type of person to work for them.

"You need someone that's nice and going to look out for the customer, look for a little bit of retail experience but retail is just taking care of people," Dean said.

But they're not the only company that's hiring. Macy's is holding its holiday hiring event next Thursday.

The US Postal Service is welcoming folks at its Allentown location on Postal Road on Halloween, and Target says candidates can stop in its stores next month on the 2 and 3.

Wherever you go, Adams has just one piece of advice.

"Stay positive and stay blessed and everything comes once in a blue moon," she said.