ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The ice at the PPL Center was filled with young players and a lot of happy parents Tuesday night.

Part of the joy is thanks to a new teammate making sure the equipment worked just right.

It's time for practice with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms sled hockey team. The children, ages 5 to 17 with some mobility challenges, learned about the game, and showed a lot of team spirit.

"They're happy to be here, they are always living in the moment. I think everybody can take a page out of that book, live more in the present moment," said Kurtis Gabriel, a volunteer with the Phantoms.

The team got a little help from Lehigh Valley Health Network. A member of that team made adjustments on the players' equipment. Some needed higher cushions on their chairs, and others with glove adjustments. All things to help players score on the ice.

"The one parent commented, oh look he is smiling and she started to cry. I said why are you crying and she goes he never smiles. But on the ice he does," said Neilson Mathews with the Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Parents like Kimberly Herman, who has a son and daughter on the team. She says they look forward to practice each week.  She says this has given each child more confidence because each practice her children are doing more and more with the sport.

"I probably go home in tears every time we practice because it is just something more everyday," Herman said.