Moravian Academy student impresses judges at Intel science fair


A Macungie student has been named a World Science Scholar.

Neil Deshmukh joins 44 other high school students from around the world for this recognition. World Science Scholars is a new initiative created to nurture the next generation of students who have demonstrated extraordinary mathematical talent and help them use their exceptional skills to change the world.

The 45 students were recruited through nominations from the World Science Foundation network of individuals and organizations, announcements in select media, and through direct applications.

The centerpiece of this initiative is a series of multi-platform filmed and live course experiences led by scientists at the forefront of their fields, including Brian Greene, Cumrun Vafa, Andrea Ghez, Loren Looger, and Sara Imari Walker.

These luminary scientists will give the students a hands-on perspective of working at the highest levels of paradigm-challenging research. Student enrichment will also extend far beyond the students' coursework, with opportunities via: the World Science Scholars digital platform, academic support teams, and social learning networks established for these groups, as well as learning and collaboration opportunities focused around the annual World Science Festival in New York City.

This multi-disciplinary approach will introduce students to a wealth of scientific and cultural fields designed to expand their personal horizons and inspire them to pursue opportunities to support the greater good. World Science Scholars courses will delve into a full range of exciting areas including the edge of string theory, current interplanetary exploration, as well as looming breakthroughs in neuroscience and molecular biology.