ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A nightclub in Allentown is closing its doors.

Maingate Nightclub posted on Facebook that it will be shutting down temporarily while looking to find a solution to its noise problem with the Liquor Control Board.

The nightclub will be hosting a closing party on November 30.

No word yet on a re-opening date, but says it may be back up and running in the New Year.

Nightclub owner Dominic Germano said the club currently has six noise citations and believes another 12 is pending. Each citation is a $1,000 fine and suspension of business for a day.

He's changed the stage and sound system, but the complaints continue.

Germano said the only solution is to get a noise exemption through the city. The exemption would have to be approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. He said getting the exemption will be tough but he is hopeful.

“I’m hoping the city wants to help, I hoping the community is supportive in this effort, at this point I think it is our only hope for survival," Germano said.

That exemption would mean Allentown police would be in charge of enforcing the noise component of the liquor license. Officers could speak with whoever is making the complaint and help the two parties work on a solution.