Bethlehem Police Car

A man was arrested after Bethlehem police seized drugs and cash from his residence.

Joseph Sheeran, 27, faces several drug-related charges.

Detectives from the Bethlehem Police Department's  Special Operations/Vice Unit and Lehigh County Drug Task Force stopped a vehicle Sheeran was driving, Bethlehem police said in a news release. Officers seized marijuana from the vehicle.

Authorities subsequently served a search warrant at Sheeran's residence in the 1300 block of North Boulevard.

They seized approximately $45,000 worth of drugs, according to the release. Among the items taken were over 500 individually packed THC vape jewels, police said. Each jewel contained between 85% to 90% pure THC oil. Police also seized $28,000 in cash and two handguns.

A money counter and digital scales were among other drug-related items which were seized, police said.

Sheeran's arrest came after a months-long investigation.