Man dies after SUV slams into shed, bursts into flames


Several questions surround a fatal crash in Northampton, Northampton County that claimed the life of 41-year-old Jennings Baumer, of Northampton.

His family said he bypassed his normal parking space early Tuesday morning and, instead, ended up down a hill, where his SUV caught on fire after hitting a neighbors shed.

"I heard a big boom. I thought possibly an accident on the highway," recounted Elaine Serensits, a neighbor.

That boom was the sound of the silver SUV crashing into Jim Jandrisovits' backyard shed.

"He came right down the hill and into the fence," Jandrisovits said. "I came out to try and find if anyone was inside. Didn't look like anyone was in the car, and then it was on fire."

Charred ash now surrounds his property, a macabre reminder of how easily life can turn.

The cause of death has been ruled accidental and the manner determined to be from carbon monoxide toxicity.

"We have a vehicle that left a dead end alleyway and came down a grass embankment," said the borough's police chief, Ronald Morey.

Natasha Phillips said the victim is her brother-in-law. She said his parking spot in an alley, just off Dewey Avenue, is at the top of the hill. She has no idea how or why he ended up down the hill.

"Just hard to imagine you're coming home, you made it home, but you didn't make it home," she tearfully told 69 News.

Phillips said her brother-in-law is a welder and a family man. He leaves behind a wife and 4-year-old son.

"That was his fishing buddy. That was his world," she said of the child. "My heart goes out to my sister but also to my nephew, because he has to grow up without a father," she said.