ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A Fourth of July fireworks show is everybody's favorite.

But you know who's not a huge fan? Your pup.

"I don't think we realize that as human beings," said Althea Seeds, Co-Owner of The Dining Dog.

Seeds has seven dogs herself and understands that loud noises and furry friends aren't always the best mix.

Seeds is the co-owner of The Dining Dog in Allentown, a whole foods pet market that also offers specialty dog treats that will keep your pet calm, while you let freedom ring.

"Give it about 15-20 minutes prior and your doggie is gonna take a nap," said Seeds. "They will not hear the fireworks."

The treats are made from all-natural ingredients and don't contain any CBD or THC.

"This is just natural green herbs that come from God's green earth," said Seeds.

Customers like Cheryl Kramer are a testament of how these treats allow them to keep a calm pet, and a peaceful home.

"My foster dog is very afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. Last year for the Fourth of July I stopped in for the calming cookies," said Kramar.

"They really helped lessen his anxiety."

And if you're unable to get these special treats, there are other ways to keep your dog calm. You can prepare them by playing some loud noises to desensitize them, walk them before the fireworks show, or play white noise as the displays are going off.

Now for a full menu you can head to the market's website and place your order over the phone here: 610-351-9333.