Musikfest organizers prepared for bad weather


We've hit the halfway point of Musikfest with no real weather issues up until Wednesday night.

Scattered storms hit Bethlehem earlier in the evening, forcing Musikfest to suspend operations for a period of time.

We caught up with an ArtsQuest spokesperson to learn more about what goes down when the skies open up.

"We have an operations staff in place that we can adapt and adjust quickly to the weather changes and weather situations throughout the grounds making sure they're cleaning up the water from the stages, they'll put mulch down where needed and as soon as these storms roll through and it's safe for everybody we'll reopen the festival," said Mark Demko with ArtsQuest.

There are also three indoor stages at Musikfest. Some performers play under tents, so ArtsQuest staff say there are plenty of ways to enjoy the music while dodging the raindrops.