Neurosurgeons using fluorescent-guided surgery to target tumors


Neurosurgeons at the Brain Tumor Center at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute's are using fluorescent-guided surgery to target tumors with the help of a special drug called Gleolan.

Doctors say the drug stains the tumor, and the light is similar to a black light.

The Cancer Institute used the technique for the first time earlier this week on a glioblastoma tumor.

Glioblastomas have finger-like edges and can re-grow.

The fluorescent tumor technology allows neurosurgeons to identify and remove as much of the tumor as they can while leaving healthy brain tissue intact.

Doctors say it's a game-changer.

With the largest brain tumor center in the region, doctors at the Cancer Institute see roughly 70 first-time glioblastomas and 30 recurring tumors a year.

Doctors say the fluorescent technique is being used in a trial on other kinds of tumors.