WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - On the eve of Valentine's Day, you might be experiencing puppy love.

Some local shelters are hoping that's a literal emotion and they want you to look up to find it in a new advertising campaign.

"Come on bo," said a volunteer as she opened the kennel.

Since November, 11-month-old Cooper has been waiting inside Whitehall's Peaceable Kingdom for a home.

"He's a great dog, he's young, he's got all the right genes, everything that people should be looking for," said Janet Dorwart of the Peaceable Kingdom.

Now you can find him on digital billboards across the Lehigh Valley. The Sanctuary at Haafsville's Diesel is another going from kennel barker to digital dog. 

From canines to felines to rabbits, more than 50 digital billboards across the Lehigh Valley are featuring animals in need of adoption from Peaceable Kingdom, and The Sanctuary at Haafsville.

"You can probably do this quicker than ordering a pizza at Pizza Hut," said Tony Cioffi, of Adams Outdoor Advertising, who is an animal lover.

Cioffi came up with the idea. He says the pictures can be uploaded by the shelters and replaced as soon as the animals are adopted.

"If you go out today it will be hard to miss the pink billboards with dogs and cats on them, folks," he said.

The Sanctuary at Haafsville's Scott Simons says over the past nine months shelters have been full due to an increase in strays and owner surrenders. The ads are aimed at ending that.

"I hope it causes the phones to ring off the hook and everyone you see here today is gone by next week," Dowart said.

The ads will run through the month.

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