New cheesesteak restaurant 'Wiz Kidz' to open in Bethlehem


"Wit whiz" or "wit out?"

A new restaurant is looking to provide a blast from the past while serving up a cheesesteak to rival the best in Philly.

On the corner of East Elizabeth and Center streets in Bethlehem, you can see some well-known icons from the 80's like Mr. T, Ronald Reagan or the King of Pop.

It's not an arcade to get your Mario Brothers or Pacman fix, but a new cheesesteak restaurant called Wiz Kidz.

It's the fifth business endeavor by the Bayou Boys: Christian Duarte, Mo Taylor and Jeremy Straub.

The group is behind places like The Bayou, Queen City BBQ, and the recently closed Grain in Allentown.

They've been working hard on the decor including walls complete with Lego displays all done by hand.

"I don't think we look at ourselves as special people and that's why this is working," said co-owner Jeremy Straub. "I think we look at ourselves as lucky people who have been supported."

Last Saturday, they gave the community a sneak peek.

The guys didn't realize the thousands of followers on social media would show up in full force.

Everything sold out in three and a half hours, 300 cheesesteaks and 1,000 pierogis.

"Outside of Queen City BBQ on the same day as Elton John, this was probably the wildest one yet," said co-owner, Christian Duarte.

Wiz Kidz will keep the menu simple, around eight signature cheesesteaks.

You can tell from the social media the guys love time traveling, but the question everyone wants to know: When will they open?

"I think we've got a pretty good handle on it, so if you ask me when we're going to open, I'd say somewhere towards the last week of the month," said co-owner, Mo Taylor.

The guys say they will hold other sneak peek events, so keep an eye out on the Wiz Kidz Facebook page.