BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Taxes in Bethlehem may not go up next year, but homeowners may still have to pay a fee.

Mayor Bob Donchez released his 2020 budget Friday at the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce's annual Business Leaders Breakfast.

As part of the $80 million spending plan, he's proposing no tax increases, but he is proposing a new storm water fee. Homeowners would have to start paying it next July. Officials do not know how much the fee would be and did not say who would be charged the fee. The money raised would go toward infrastructure improvement.

The proposed budget includes funding for a climate action plan. The city would consult with experts on how to reduce the city's carbon footprint and make sustainable changes.

The proposed budget also includes enhancements to the housing inspections program. The budget would also include a storm water pollution and flood prevention program.