N. WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - Children and their families are leaving the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit with life-changing equipment Tuesday.

Through the "My Bike, My Stroller" program, kids with disabilities are getting the opportunity to ride a bike.

The program was introduced to the CLIU roughly three years ago. Since then, the partnership between Variety, a nonprofit organization, and the CLIU has allowed families in this area to be able to thrive alongside their children with various disabilities.

They gave away five adaptive bikes and a stroller for kids with disabilities on Tuesday.

"Some of the families think that their child is never gonna be able to ride a bike," said Deanna David, program manager for Variety.

Organizers say they've worked hand in hand with the therapists at CLIU to identify kids and their families who could benefit the most.

"All of it is about providing more access, allowing these students to do everything that kids get to do," said Dr. Elaine Eib, executive director of the CLIU.

They say it's not only building confidence in each user, but also for the families who get to accomplish goals together.

Each bike is built specifically to cater to the needs of the child.

"They each have a lap belt, chest piece of some sort, foot straps to keep feet on pedals, assistance with steering and braking, whatever they need to keep them safe, there's an accessory for them," said David.

Tuesday's event started with a basic introduction, but it was quickly off to the races, and there were lots of smiling faces to go around.

As winter rolls around, the kids will still get plenty of use out of them, as each bike comes with a stationary stand.

"They've got their own Peloton basically," David said.

Variety, which is based in Pittsburgh but operates across 59 counties in Pennsylvania, says money brought in through the organization is raised through funding throughout the year.

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