Northampton Community College getting national attention for efforts to go green


"Do you think about climate change?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked Northampton Community College Freshmen Sarah Richline and Mia Porter.

"All the time, me too, all the time," they said.

The students aren't alone.

Polls show that 1 in 4 young people are taking action against climate change. However, there's no need at NCC.

Director of Facilities Mark Culp says all of its campuses use 100% green energy from either wind, solar, geothermal, and other environmentally friendly means.

The school uses more green power than any other community college in the country. Power that's equivalent to electricity used by more than 1,000 American homes.

It's all monitored digitally on a screen and under lights powered by the elements.

"At night when the sun's not out we would transfer all that from wind power, which is actually coming from Texas," Culp said.

With more than 160 geothermal wells and a wind turbine, the Monroe campus is a LEED Gold net zero energy building. Recently NCC was one of only seven organizations nationwide to receive the Excellence in Green Power Use Award by the EPA.

"Is climate change a big driver in this?" Bo asked Culp.

"This helps us reduce our overall emissions by going green energy," Culp said. "It's knocked out about 80% of our carbon dioxide emissions."

Culp says the goal is to be at net zero for all campuses in 10 years.

Helping to create an environmental future those like Sarah and Mia can be proud of.