Northampton County celebrated the preservation of its 200th farm on Wednesday.

The acquisition of the property in Moore Township is a landmark moment for the county’s 30-year preservation program during which over 16,000 acres have been preserved from development.

"There has to be an equal balance. There has to be a balance between the agriculture community that has thrived here for generations and a balance to development and business that are moving,” said Maria Bentzoni, farmland preservation administrator.

County Executive Lamont McClure earmarked $3 million last year for land preservation and proposed another $3 million in this year's budget.

He says because Northampton County has a lot of open space, it has become prime real estate for developers. McClure is concerned about the development spread, noting that certain areas along the Route 22 have become so valuable, the county can’t afford to preserve the space.

Interested land owners can apply for the preservation program.

You can find more information on the Northampton County website.